ePaper Manager PDF edition extends the reach of your publication, giving you access to a worldwide base of consumers.  ePaper Manager is the publishing solution to publish the print edition of PDF’s as an e-paper. It allows readers, advertisers to access the publication and it is fully customizable based on client requirements.


Settings feature helps you to define system settings.

To define general settings:

  • Login to ePaper Manager PDF as Admin.
  • Go to Settings to define general settings.
  • Click on the General tab to add the details.
  • Give Site Title Name and Tagline of the site. Given site title is updated in the website.
  • Enter Valid Email ID and Footer Title that should be displayed in a website.
  • Select Date Time Format and Timezone from the drop down list box.
  • Select Date Time Format is displayed in the Preview box.
  • Select Logo from your local system. Uploaded logo is displayed in a website.
  • If you cancel the preview of the logo, it will be deleted/removed from the website.
  • Click on the SMTP Settings tab,
  • Define Port number, Host name Encryption method, email id2 and Password in the define mail setting.(Mentioned details are given during the installation process, Incase of changes to be done you can modify here).
  • Click Save changes and continue.

To change site title:

  • Reenter the Site Title in General Settings tab.
  • Once you save the changes title is updated in Website.

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