It helps you to create newspaper pages and upload and publish newspaper.

To add newspaper pages:

  • Click on Newspaper > Add to add new pages for a newspaper.
  • Newspaper Date – Select a date from the calendar to display the date of the published newspaper.
  • No of Pages – Enter the Pages of the newspaper published.
  • Publish Date and Time – Select a date from the calendar on which the newspaper should be published.
  • Status – Select the status of the Newspaper, whether Active or Inactive from the list.

Click Submit to save the details and continue.


You can view the created newspaper list and You can also edit, delete and  manage the details of the newspaper.

To view the newspaper list:

  • Click on Newspaper > List. Newspaper list is displayed.

To upload newspaper:

  • Click on Add Page option to upload Newspaper.
  • Newspaper Id and Newspaper Date is automated from the list.
  • Page No – you can edit the Page number of the newspaper.
  • Status – You can set the status of the newspaper as Active or Inactive.
  • Click on Upload to upload the newspaper for the selected date.
  • Select the PDF File from your local system.
  • Click open and upload the file of Newspaper.
  • Click Submit to upload the newspaper and continue the changes.

To view the uploaded newspaper.

  • Enter the URL in your browser. Ex:
  • Select a Date to view the newspaper and click Search.
  • Newspaper is displayed for the selected date.

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