ePaper Manager PDF edition extends the reach of your publication, giving you access to a worldwide base of consumers.  ePaper Manager is the publishing solution to publish the print edition of PDF’s as an e-paper. It gives you ePaper with Archive option. It allows readers, advertisers to access the publication and it is fully customizable based on client requirements. It automates the website and ePaper for newspaper companies. It’s a completely automated with a web solution. Here are the steps to install the application.

Installation Process

  • Open the application in your browser to start the auto installer
  • Where you have the domain name and ePaper is the directory where the application files are copied.
    Follow the steps to install the ePaper PDF application:
  • Configure the server requirements and MySQL Database.Check if required php extensions are enabled.
  • Once the Directory Permissions and PHP Extensions are enabled, click continue to define the settings. It is moved to the next step of configuring.
  • Go through the License terms and conditions and accept the license agreement.
  • Select the checkbox and Click Continue to continue the installation. Then it is moved to the database setup process.
    • If you click cancel the installation progress will be cancelled.

In Database setup process

  • Database – Select Database from the drop down list.
  • Name – Enter host name in the specified text field.
  • Port – Enter Port number in the box.
  • Database Name – Give Database Name where the data of ePaper manager should be stored.
  • Username –  Give Username to access the DB.
  • Password – Provide secret code to log into the database with the specified user.

Click Continue to move to the next step of installation.(If you want to modify anything in the previous session click “Previous” button).

Once the Database connection are enabled successfully, a message will be displayed and Environment configuration file has been created successfully.

To set local information:

In Locale Information add the user details.

Under Personal Information,

  • Give User’s First Name and Last Name.

Under Login Information’s,

  • Email ID – Enter the valid email ID of user.
  • User Name – Give Username to access the application.
  • Password – Provide secret code to login with the username.
  • Confirm Password – Confirm the secret code provided as password.

Under Locale Information,

  • Date Time – Select Date time format to display.
  • Time zone – Select Time zone from the drop down list.
  • Language – Select the language in which the application should be displayed.

Click Continue to save the details. Installation of the system is done successfully and the login page is displayed.

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