Create Admin

Here you can create new admin account and set credentials for the admin user.

To create admin:

  • Click Create Admin to register new admin account.
  • First Name – Enter the first name of the admin user.
  • Last Name – Enter the last name of the admin user.
  • Email ID – Enter the valid email id of the admin user. Ex:
  • Password – Provide the secret code to login the application.
  • Repeat Password – Re enter the secret code provided to confirm.
  • Admin – Admin Role is selected automatically.
  • Select Timezone from the drop down list menu.

To view admin list:

  • Created Admin accounts are listed in Admin List.
  • Default Admin account cannot be deleted.

To change admin password:

  • Authenticated Admin should login to the system to change their password.
  • Click on the login user name at the upper right corner of your system.
  • Click on Change Password to change your password.
  • Old Password – Enter old password which is used to log into the system.
  • New Password – Give New password(Secret code) which to be changed instead of old password.
  • Confirm Password – Enter the new given password changed and Confirm.

Click Change Password to update the new given password. Password is changed successfully for the admin account.

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